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Accurate and timely data allows non-profits to own their story and react to trends. We aspire to be what the Stanford Social Innovation Review names as “code switchers”: those who bridge the gap between social sector professionals and data specialists.

Utilizing an innovative app-based approach and discounted licenses, we build accessible data-technology for small & mid-sized non-profits.

The App Based Approach

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't

Traditional non-profit data services are built to satisfy thousands of organizations and end up delighting none of them. Instead of yet another platform that reorganizes the same features, we take an app-based approach with novel Microsoft technology. We build tailored functionality on demand, which means you’re not paying for someone else's features. It’s a better user experience at a better price.

a CRM for all

With a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), customizability is the name of the game. A CRM can represent the unique relationships, definitions, and requirements of organizations. Setting up CRMs were once a huge investment, but with Microsoft’s latest we can create a simple intake and attendance platform in under 20 minutes.

A Licence to Save

Microsoft has killer tech with killer non-profit pricing. A standard staff account runs $3.50 per month. If a staff member needs advanced reporting privileges, PowerBI Pro accounts are an additional $3 per month. That means a team of 12 can cost less than $90/month in licences.

Build Trust with Ethical Data

USA-based services leave Canadian non-profits in the dark when complying with Federal and Provincial information privacy acts. With a deeply customizable CRM, our solution tracks notifications statements, automatically anonymizes old data, and more. All data is stored in Canadian data centers.

The Datapunk Tech Trio

We utilize 3 different Microsoft technologies to lead your data’s 3 main roles: architecture, entry, and visualization. The software is modular: no technology requires another. Instead, they operate independently and communicate natively.

Common Data Service - Information Architecture

Define your architecture to fit in Microsoft’s Common Data Service (CDS). Traditional websites require organizations to bend to premade data-types. With the CDS, we design the data architecture to match your organization's existing nomenclature and workflows.

PowerApps - Data Entry

PowerApps is new to Microsoft’s lineup and, in our opinion, the most exciting. PowerApps brings web and mobile organizational apps to an all-in-one platform. Complex apps available on every modern device can be created in a couple days. Staff will use a customized interface in an environment that works for them.

PowerBI - Data Visualization

Data hidden in complicated reporting software doesn’t impact decisions. PowerBI stands as a fantastic way to bring colour, interactively, and analysis to your data. Connecting to the CDS is easy and sharing reports with your organization or the public can be done in a couple clicks. Download it for free and check out Microsoft’s tutorial series.

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