Give your mission some byte

Unique stories need unique data. That’s why we create customized data-systems for social-change missions.

We undercut the cost and complexity of other data-management solutions by building lightweight technology to fit your staff’s workflow.

With accessible data, our systems capitalize on staff’s intrinsic desire to tell your story.

The Punk Process

We focus on three key data elements:

Pragmatic Architecture

Together we'll define data that balances organizational and funder desires with reality, then store it in a database that works for you.

Streamlined Collection

Data shouldn't be a chore. We tailor phone/tablet/browser data entry experiences that skip the clipboard and build habit.

Loud Visualizations

Engage staff with a database that isn't a black box. From internal reports to public visualizations, your data has never been so exposed.

And we do it with transparent technology: highly customizable Microsoft software available at a steep non-profit discount. No algorithmic wizardry required. We can even build your organization’s capacity to customize and maintain it.

You feeling techie, punk?



Small-team data-entry setups start at $2,500. Use the technology as soon as it’s ready and pay us monthly over a year. If you’re not convinced it’s the future, stop payment with no penalty.


DIY or let us handle it. Starting at $125 monthly, we offer 2 hours of IT time, free bug fixes, a response within 24 hours, and discounts on data-visualizations.


If you’re a registered non-profit with techsoup.org, monthly licences for Microsoft’s tech are highly affordable:

  • $2.40 for a Team Member licence (basic staff account)
  • $35.00 for an Administrative licence (you’ll only need one)
  • $3.00 for a PowerBI Pro licence (optional - allows for easy sharing of interactive visualizations)

For a team of 8, expect around $60/month in licencing costs.


Data’s more fun when it’s seen. We’ll make your rebellious internal or public-facing visualizations for $60/hour, $40 if you use us for upkeep.

Data visualizations are more than just report graphs. This live data-visualization project we completed with Boyle Street Community Services is advocacy in action.

Want to revolutionize your data?

let's punk