Is Your Data Disruptive?

Datapunks was formed in response to the lackluster program-databases for small to medium sized non-profits.

Non-profits are increasingly interested in data, both to improve themselves and appeal to funders. However, technology in the sector has been stagnant due to high for-profit tech wages and a US social sector market more interested in fundraising data.

We take a non-traditional approach to social sector data, using low-code-development-platforms to make a precise platform that drops the costs of custom CRM software immensely.

Datapunks have 3 core tenets:

Data must be Useful.

Time spent entering data is time away from social change. We prioritize a system that ensures efficient data entry to fuel a dynamic system that creates day-to-day value for staff and service recipients. We believe an intrinsic motivation for data entry is essential to a steadfast database.

Data must be Transparent.

The times of half-baked privacy and consent practices are over. Service recipients must have a clear understanding of what data is collected, who gets to see it, and why. Our systems include consent tracking and can accommodate service recipients entering their own data, giving them more control.

The Revolution will not be Funded.

Co-opted from a publication of collected essays of the same name, we believe that social change organizations should be mindful of implicit expectations embedded in receiving money from organizations of power. We believe that in having a strong, independent database, non-profits can better maintain autonomy in data-hungry times.

Datapunks is based in Edmonton, Alberta and manned by David Woodruff, a lover of data, design, and adventuring. After using new technology for important winter warming program, increasing reported visits by 125% and eliminating 57% missing demographics, David went independent.